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Carleton Chimney has Developed a Detailed Process

Maximize Your Chimney’s Performance

The prices for our valuable services will tend to be slightly higher in some cases than what you may find elsewhere. This does not mean that we are charging too much; rather, we are charging what the job requires for us to do it properly. It also reflects the extra training and specialized equipment costs that we incur in order to give you the proper job.

For example, when we quote on rebuilding a chimney from the roof level up, we include the following:

  • Erect a scaffold for safe access

  • Protect the roof from damage by covering with carpeting

  • Protect special items in the area, like air conditioners, heat pumps & decking

  • Obtain brick that is as close a match as is available

  • Tear the chimney down to below the flashing or lower if required to build on a solid base. This is very important in that a lot of companies will take the chimney down to just above the flashing so that they do not have to reseal this area. This can result in having to rebuild the chimney all over again, as the brick deteriorates in those areas where there are freeze/thaw cycles happening.

  • The original flashing is resealed with a high quality caulking when the chimney is finished.

  • We use 4 different types of cement when the chimney is rebuilt, in that they have different properties that are suited to the particular application. The bricks are laid in a bed of masonry cement, the clay flue liners are set into a bed of refractory cement, the crown is sealed with Portland cement and, finally, we return after a curing period and seal the top of the chimney with a product called Crown Seal. This last cement is a very specialized product that does not crack and will keep moisture from entering the crown of the chimney for many years.

  • We install bond breaks at 2 critical areas of the chimney that will allow for expansion and act as gaskets to prevent water entry. Once completed, we wash the roof down and clean the work area. All debris is removed and disposed of in a responsible manner.

  • We give a full 10-year warranty on the masonry rebuild.

While some of the services mentioned above cannot be easily seen by the average homeowner, they are all required to maximize performance and the life expectancy of the chimney and to protect your home from subsequent damage, such as water leaks.

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